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So Cal’s Premier
Mobile Teppanyaki
Dining Experience.

Prime meats,
freshly sourcedingredients…
tables & chairs included!


“If you were looking for a private lunch or dinner party this company is amazing! They drive to your location, set up all the tables along with what you see in the photos. Mac noodles is so much fun. Nonstop laughter!”  – Debbie


At the beginning of my kitchen career, I was a dishwasher in an English Pub in San Marcos, CA. When I wasn’t scrubbing hot pots & pans I was sitting on an upside-down bucket peeling boxes upon boxes of potatoes.

One day during a busy rush, the head chef A.G Warfield tasked me with Prep work and Expo of the line. As I made the salads with height, drizzled the chocolate sauce in such a way it caught Chef’s eyes, and soon I became a line cook. This was hard work, but rewarding.

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